• Easter weekend at Lake Garda
    In Europe, Italy, Mountains, Munich, Outdoor, Weekend getaway
    Instead of searching for Easter eggs (we follow traditions very rarely anyway) we decided to spend the long weekend at Lake Garda, the place that always has a special place in our hearts. It’s […]
  • Street Food Thursday in Kreuzberg / Berlin
    In City trip, Europe, Foods Foods Foods, Germany, Our Most Favorites, Weekend getaway
    Berlin Berlin We always like Berlin. It’s one of the cities that keeps inventing itself, be a world in its own. People usually have very different opinions of Berlin based on their experiences […]
  • hue royal palaceVietnam ’16, part 4: Hue Royal Palace
    In Asia, Our Most Favorites, Vacation, Vietnam
    For some unknown reasons Hue had never been on the top of our list, totally overshadowed by our favorite city of Hoi An.  Upon receving the wedding invitation of our friends from Frankfurt […]
  • downtown saigonVietnam ’16, part 3: Discover Downtown Saigon
    In Asia, City trip, Vacation, Vietnam
    Although this post is called downtown Saigon, it actually starts with some pictures of trip to Gò Công, a village roughly 50km south of Saigon – however more than 2 hours to drive by car. Gò […]
  • Vietnam ’16, part 2: Ninh Van Bay, Nha Trang – Tranquility at its best
    In Asia, Vacation, Vietnam
    Relaxing Vietnam – contradiction in terms? Not at all! As in many other Asian countries, the big cities in Vietnam are crowded, busy, hectic and never seem to sleep (there are exceptions though […]
  • Vietnam ’16, part 1b: Dalat, XQ historical village
    In Asia, Vacation, Vietnam
    Traditional Vietnamese hand embroidery at its best.   […]
  • Vietnam ’16, part 1a: Dalat
    In Asia, Foods Foods Foods, Vacation, Vietnam
    Jackfruit lovers and Vietnam Airlines After arriving in Saigon, we spent a couple of days with the family to say hi to everyone before hitting the road. Our flight to Dalat was unfortunately at 6.25 […]
  • Italy roadtrip: Lucca and Pisa
    In Europe, Italy, Road trip, Vacation
  • Italy roadtrip: Savignano and Florence
    In Europe, Italy, Road trip, Vacation
    Right after JP Day, we hit the road with P’s mom, sister, P’s bff from highschool and her spouse (we postponed our honeymoon till next year) and headed to Tuscany. It was everyone’s […]
  • Portugal ’16 Part 3b – Sao Miguel
    In Europe, Portugal, Special occasion, Vacation
    Being in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, it rains quite often on the Azores archipelago. In fact, it rained every single day we were there but given our unique “shelter“, we […]
  • Portugal ’16 part 3a: It’s better in the Azores
    In Europe, Our Most Favorites, Portugal, Special occasion, Vacation
    The title has said it all. The minute we arrived in this amazingly beautiful “resort” on Sao Miquel – the biggest island in the Azores, all the sickness and hustles of the past few […]
  • Portugal ’16 part 2: Lisbon
    In City trip, Europe, Portugal, Special occasion, Vacation
    What we heard about Lisbon didn’t disappoint: the city, the people (exept taxi-drivers), the night life, the markets, the food-scene. They were more than captivating. Too bad we didn’t […]
  • Portugal ’16 part 1: Sintra
    In City trip, Europe, Our Most Favorites, Portugal, Special occasion, Vacation
    Wanting to escape the busy city life, we headed to the National Park of Sintra-Cascais right after landing the first time in Portugal, saving its capital for later. After reading too many reviews […]
  • Rainy Madrid – food food food
    In City trip, Europe, Foods Foods Foods, Spain
    One of the (many) things that connects us is definitely our passion for good foods (and our struggle to stay in shape 😉 ). We love a (very) good glas of wine, fresh fruits of the season, local […]
  • Rainy Madrid – the city
    In City trip, Europe, Foods Foods Foods, Spain, Weekend getaway
    This is our second (unsuccesful) effort this year, after Mallorca,  to try to escape the bad German weather. Magically, mother winter has managed to follow us to Madrid, leaving Munich very warm and […]
  • Spring in Mallorca: Tramontana mountains
    In Europe, Spain, Weekend getaway
    Leaving Palma in the early afternoon still left us with enough time to take a short trip into the Tramontana mountains and the village of Caimari north of Palma, famous for its olive oil, a tip from […]
  • Spring in Mallorca: Palma
    In Europe, Spain, Weekend getaway
    It was a very last-minute decision to go on this trip. We were so tired of the cold weather in Munich that we were so desperate to get on just any flight heading South, but it wasn’t easy to […]
  • Muscat, Oman
    In Asia, City trip
    My second business trip to the Middle East within 2 months. We were invited to a conference also to have some follow-up meetings with the partners we met in Tehran  in January. It was an even shorter […]
  • Tehran
    In Asia, City trip
    It’s “sunday” in Tehran, actually friday Jan-8. I got to the hotel around 3am and after a short night and breakfast in Espinas hotel, I started to explore downtown. Tehran is the […]
  • Flying to Tehran
    In Munich
    Today I started to a business trip to Teheran. The bad thing about business trips is that I have to go alone. The seat right beside me is empty and I really would like to have it occupied with my […]
  • Fall in Munich
    In Bavaria, Germany, Munich
    Some pictures from a Sunday afternoon bike trip in Munich around “Friedensengel” (angel of peace). […]
  • Smørebrød in Copenhagen with Phønix
    In City trip, Denmark, Europe, Our Most Favorites, Special occasion, Weekend getaway
    We wanted to spend our fourth anniversary (which is a very special day to us but more on that another time) in some nice place and since we both had been to CPH separately and had occasionally talked […]
  • Classical concert Herrenchiemsee
    In Bavaria, Europe, Germany, Weekend getaway
    After spending the weekend in just out-door clothes and bathing suits in Eibsee, we got to play dress up for the classical music festival taking place every summer at one of the palaces of the […]
  • Eibsee
    In Bavaria, Europe, Germany, Mountains, Weekend getaway
    On our hunt for the right location for next September, i.e. one by the water with the mountain in sight ( I know I sometimes ask a lot of him 😉 ), we found this place in Eibsee. It is indeed a […]
  • National Park Krka, Croatia
    In Europe, Vacation
    On the way back from our sailing trip, we spent a couple of hours in the National Park Krka. There are some impressive waterfalls near the highway. But instead of going for the crowded one, we […]
  • Sailing Croatia: Split
    In Europe, Vacation
    Downtown Split has a long Roman history with many impressive buildings. A lively city and very enjoyable to stroll through the many small streets. The atmosphere is even nicer at night:   […]
  • Croatia: First Sailing trip with my Captain in the Adria
    In Beach, Europe, Vacation
    Being with a passionate skipper for all these years but this really was my first sailing trip with him. I was so afraid of my sea-sickness getting the worst of me if I stayed on a boat for the whole […]
  • Vietnamese languageVietnam ’15: Vietnamese language
    In Asia, Vacation, Vietnam
    Vietnamese language (tiếng Việt) When commencing to learn Vietnamese you have a very happy start at first and even at second glance! At first glance you will realise that Vietnamese is the only Asian […]
  • Vietnam ’15, Part 4: Hanoi
    In Asia, Vacation, Vietnam
    It was good to be back in the city because continously staring at the fog in Sapa made as kind of depressed. The bus tour was really comfortable, we used a sleeper bus that has three rows of bunk […]
  • Vietnam ’15, Part 3: Sapa
    In Asia, Vacation, Vietnam
    Although we wished we’d squeezed in a little more time for Dong Hoi / Phong Nha National Park, we were eager to get on the plane to Hanoi and straight to Sapa, having seen so many stunning travel […]
  • Vietnam ’15, Part 2: Phong Nha
    In Asia, Vacation, Vietnam
    On our way heading up North, we made a quick stop (2nights) in Dong Hoi to explore Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park after reading all the raves about the Sơn Đoòng Cave, the biggest cave on the […]
  • Vietnam ’15, Part 1: Can Tho
    In Asia, Vacation, Vietnam
    On our second (long) trip to Vietnam we had again planned to visit a couple of different locations. We started with Can Tho because we love the floating market there on Mekong river and we also […]
  • Sweden ’14, Part 4: Last day in Gothenburg
    In Europe, Sweden, Vacation
  • Sweden ’14, Part 3: Torpa Stenhus
    In Europe, Sweden, Vacation
    Some cultural education needed: one day we went to the nearby Torpa stenhus (Torpa stone house), a well-preserved medieval castle. The first stone house was built around 1470 as a fortress against […]
  • Sweden ’14, Part 2: Nabben – our most relaxing vacation ever!
    In Europe, Our Most Favorites, Sweden, Vacation
    With fish in our belly and even more in our shopping bags we drove to Ulricehamn to the summer cottage of our friend Henrik’s family. It’s nothing luxurious, but offers the most […]
  • Sweden ’14, Part 1: Gothenburg Fish Market
    In Europe, Foods Foods Foods, Sweden, Vacation
    After having arrived in Gothenburg airport we drove to the “Feskekörka” which very much looks like a church with all those gothic architectural elements but in fact it is an indoor fish […]
  • Hiking Taubenstein
    In Bavaria, Europe, Germany, Hiking, Mountains
    Another hike starting at Spitzingsee going up to the east. Going to the west leads you to Tegernsee. […]
  • South Africa ’14, Part 7: Jo’burg
    In Africa, Road trip, Vacation
    Last stop of our three-week journey along the East Coast of South Africa is Johannesburg, or Jo’burg as called by the locals. The whole trip has been a long drive for J, ~3.500km in total […]
  • South Africa ’14, Part 6: Blyde River Canyon
    In Africa, Road trip, Vacation
    After Kruger, we stopped here for a couple days before heading back to Johannesburg. Our lodge is in the middle of a small game reserve so lots of antelopes cross the gate every day to come and feed […]
  • South Africa ’14, Part 5: Kruger National Park
    In Africa, Road trip, Vacation
    Kruger is probably the biggest and most famous National Park in South Africa so it’s kind of a must-see when coming here. The park is so huge that we spent 5 days driving from one camp to the […]
  • South Africa ’14, Part 4: St. Lucia
    In Africa, Beach, Road trip, Vacation
    After falling totally in love with Umngazi River Resort, we didn’t expect much when arriving in St. Lucia knowing it’s a very small touristy village. That’s when you’re mostly […]
  • South Africa ’14, Part 3: Hluhluwe National Park
    In Africa, Road trip, Vacation
    Originally we didn’t plan to visit Hluhluwe Park (pronounced “shlushluweh”) because we were going to spend 5 days in Kruger already, but since it’s just a short drive from St. […]
  • South Africa ’14, Part 2: Umngazi River – our kind of paradise
    In Africa, Beach, Foods Foods Foods, Our Most Favorites, Road trip, Vacation
    When I saw some pictures of the Umngazi River Bungalows & Spa the first time while planning our trip, I knew we had to make a stop here. It was a long drive from Drakensberg, not in terms of […]
  • South Africa ’14, Part 1: Drakensberg
    In Africa, Road trip, Vacation
    Despite having been to the country only half a year before, we were so excited coming back to South Africa for another 3 weeks this time. There’s even a direct flight from Munich to […]
  • Skiing in Wolkenstein / Sella Ronda
    In Europe, Italy, Mountains, Skiing, Vacation
    Second time in South Tirol, skiing in the Sella Ronda area   […]
  • Hiking up Wank
    In Bavaria, Germany, Hiking
    Wank is a 1.780m high mountain near Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Surely not as impressive as Zugspitze but going up more than 1.000hm is a nice hike and you have great views including wonderful colours of […]
  • South Africa ’13, Part 6: Langebaan
    In Africa, Beach, Foods Foods Foods, Road trip, Vacation
    Langebaan is one of the many beach towns on the west coast of South Africa. We dicided to make a stop here hoping for some sea-sand-sun time but weren’t lucky with the weather. Afterall, […]
  • South Africa ’13, Part 4: Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park
    In Africa, Our Most Favorites, Road trip, Vacation
    Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is one of the largest SANParks (South African National Parks) and the only one comprising two National Parks across border, a smaller part in South Africa and the bigger […]
  • South Africa ’13, Part 4: Long drive to Kenhardt
    In Africa, Road trip, Vacation
    After 5 days in Cape Town we hit the road for the North. It was actually our anniversary but we must have forgotten it while planning this trip so we spent the entire day sitting in the car. Even […]
  • South Africa ’13, Part 3: Table Mountain
    In Africa, Hiking, Mountains, Road trip, Vacation
    On our last day in Cape Town we hiked up Table Mountain via Skeleton Gorge hiking trail starting in the Kirstenborsch Botanical Garden, which is a more interesting trail compared to the shorter one […]
  • South Africa ’13, Part 2: Hermanus
    In Africa, Beach, Road trip, Vacation
    September is a good time to go whale watching in Hermanus. Southern Right Whales are on average about 14m long, 41 tonnes heavy and can live up to 50 years. A pregnant one can reach a weight of 80 […]
  • South Africa ’13, Part 1: Cape Town
    In Africa, Beach, Road trip, Vacation
    This is my first time in the continent and J’s third time in the country so I left all the planning for him. We spent the first 4 nights in Cape Town doing the normal tourist routes: hiking up […]
  • Heimgarten / Herzogstand hiking
    In Europe, Germany, Hiking, Mountains, Our Most Favorites
    Hiking up Heimgarten and then going across the ridge to Herzogstand is one of the most spectacular hikes we have done so far. It’s pretty strenuous and takes almost 5 hours – but […]
  • Amsterdam Part 3: Sunday Market
    In City trip, Europe, Weekend getaway
    On our last day, we visited a sunday market close to the apartment where we stayed. Relaxed Sunday morning with relaxed people. […]
  • Amsterdam Part 2: The Sea and the City
    In City trip, Europe, Weekend getaway
  • Amsterdam Part 1: Birthday dinner
    In City trip, Europe, Special occasion, Weekend getaway
    It’s P’s birthday so we went for a special dinner to Amsterdam and spent some hot summer days in the city. The food was fabulous, thanks to a tip from Bernard’s parents, a former […]
  • Wallberg in summer time
    In Bavaria, Europe, Germany, Hiking, Mountains
    This time we are hiking up Wallberg, approx. 900hm   […]
  • Hirschberg / Tegernsee
    In Bavaria, Europe, Germany, Hiking, Mountains
    Hiking up Hirschberg – a classical tour in the Alps near Munich. Not too exciting though […]
  • Merano – the Italian Alps
    In City trip, Europe, Hiking, Italy, Mountains, Weekend getaway
    On the way back from Verona we stopped for 2 days for a quick visit in Merano […]
  • Verona – home of Romeo and Juliet
    In City trip, Europe, Italy, Weekend getaway
    One of the advantage of living in Munich is that it doesn’t take us long to drive to Italy so we occationally do it over long weekends. In German there is even a saying that, Munich is the […]
  • Skiing Alta Badia
    In Italy, Mountains, Skiing, Vacation
    Moving is tough. Unpacking is even tougher. We kind of needed a break so two weeks after we moved to Munich, we sneaked out for a week of skiing in South Tirol, Italy ;-). […]
  • Sledding down Wallberg
    In Bavaria, Germany, Mountains
    Living in Munich, Wallberg/Tegernsee is only an hour to drive (unless you’re stuck in the weekend traffic jam….)   […]
  • Starting our new life in Munich
    In Bavaria, Europe, Germany, Munich, Our Most Favorites
      2013 was the start of our life in Munich. Since we didn’t want to rush with the home-hunting, we decided to keep our apartment in Frankfurt until we found something we both really like. […]
  • Road Trip Southern France Part 3: Heliopolis
    In Beach, Europe, France, Road trip, Vacation
  • Road Trip Southern France Part 2: Favars
    In Europe, France, Road trip, Vacation
  • Road trip Southern France, Part 1
    In Europe, France, Road trip, Vacation
  • Swedish cottage in Bern – Switzerland
    In Europe, Mountains, Vacation
  • Barcelona and the Pyrenees
    In Beach, City trip, Europe, Foods Foods Foods, Mountains, Our Most Favorites, Road trip, Spain, Vacation
    Barcelona is one of the cities that “have it all”. The beach, the mountain, city life, art scene, cultural activities, Gaudi (!), and a very famous football team on top. We spent the […]
  • Vietnam ’12, Part 5: Phu Quoc
    In Asia, Beach, Vacation, Vietnam
    A ferry boat form Ha Tien took us to Phu Quoc, an island actually closer to Cambodia than to Vietnam. There are very few roads (in not too good conditions or even dirt roads) so the car drive from […]
  • Vietnam ’12, Part 4: Can Tho
    In Asia, Vacation, Vietnam
    Our plan was to take a bus from Saigon to Can Tho, spend a night there and visit the floating market early the next morning, then head to Ha Tien also by bus for another night before taking the speed […]
  • Vietnam ’12, Part 3: Saigon
    In Asia, Foods Foods Foods, Vacation, Vietnam
    My first time in Saigon with only 2 days to get an impression of a city that I mostly know from some history lessons at school and from which there are some “pictures” in mind from […]
  • Vietnam ’12, Part 2: Hoi An
    In Asia, Beach, Foods Foods Foods, Our Most Favorites, Road trip, Vacation, Vietnam
    Hoi An is definitely our second favourite city in Vietnam after Saigon. It’s very touristy yes, but you receive decent services for your money and the foods are excellent (we kinda plan all our […]
  • Vietnam ’12, Part 1: Da Nang
    In Asia, Beach, Road trip, Vacation, Vietnam
    My first time in Vietnam – exciting! After a long flight to Saigon, our next location was Da Nang, a city that I had only heard about in Magnum PI and had no clue what to expect. It was hot and […]
  • Road trip Northern Italy – our very first vacation together
    In Europe, Italy, Road trip, Special occasion, Vacation
    This trip definitely marked our beginning and we weren’t even planning for it. It was a difficult (and very confusing) time for both of us… I was supposed to go on another vacation with […]

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