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JP is the initials of our first names (his and mine in that order) so it just seems fitting for us to call the blog JP Travel Diaries because it is, in fact, our own travel diaries. We started this blog in September 2015 right after our trip to Copenhagen for our fourth anniversary as a way to keep track of all our vacations together in the last couple of years, and in many more to come we hope. It is also a way we keep friends and families updated because half of them live half a world away and we’re horrible at keeping in touch (that’s actually me, he’s much better at that than I am). As the list of our destinations has gotten longer we’ve sometimes had a hard time ourselves remembering when we had been where exactly, so we hope writting it all down in this blog will help keep our best memories fresh and alive.

So who are we?

We first met in June 2011 at the JP Morgan Chase Charity Run (well he once said he’d had his eyes on me for a while before that day when I became aware of his existence, I still think this really cute till this day!), first kissed 3 months later, got engaged exactly 1300 days after our first kiss (March 2015) and are currently planning our wedding on our fifth anniversary (Sept 2016). He’s a passionate skipper and a committed nature lover (who once spent 5 days all alone on a kayak in Algonquin Park in Canada), me a city girl my whole life before we met so our travel habits could not have been any more different (believe it or not, I still travel lighter than him). Since then though, we have found a way to make travel work for both of us, which means he’s free to drag me to wherever it is during daylight as long as I have my hot bath and a comfort bed at the end of the day. It’s a pretty good compromise don’t you think?

Have you ever had the idea of one day selling all your belongings to go on travel the world for years on end? Well, we don’t ;-). I can’t imagine me living as a nomad on a backpack from one hostel to the next for the reason mentioned above. Him? He’d like more advanterous trips perhaps but I don’t think nomad life would be for him either, for us both liking our regular jobs a lot and are quite happy living where we are right now. Although at some stage we would love to take a sabbatical leave for a longer period of time and until then, we intend to continue making the most of our 30 vacation-days each year to see as much of the world as we can. Maybe we’ll meet you on our way.

Discover the world, near and far

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