hue royal palace

Vietnam ’16, part 4: Hue Royal Palace

For some unknown reasons Hue had never been on the top of our list, totally overshadowed by our favorite city of Hoi An.  Upon receving the wedding invitation of our friends ...
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downtown saigon

Vietnam ’16, part 3: Discover Downtown Saigon

Although this post is called downtown Saigon, it actually starts with some pictures of trip to Gò Công, a village roughly 50km south of Saigon – however more than 2 hours ...
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Vietnam ’16, part 2: Ninh Van Bay, Nha Trang – Tranquility at its best

Relaxing Vietnam – contradiction in terms? Not at all! As in many other Asian countries, the big cities in Vietnam are crowded, busy, hectic and never seem to sleep (there are ...
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Vietnam ’16, part 1b: Dalat, XQ historical village

Traditional Vietnamese hand embroidery at its best ...
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Vietnam ’16, part 1a: Dalat

Jackfruit lovers and Vietnam Airlines After arriving in Saigon, we spent a couple of days with the family to say hi to everyone before hitting the road. Our flight to Dalat ...
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Vietnam ’15: Vietnamese language

Vietnamese language (tiếng Việt) When commencing to learn Vietnamese you have a very happy start at first and even at second glance! At first glance you will realise that Vietnamese is ...
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Vietnam ’15, Part 4: Hanoi

It was good to be back in the city because continously staring at the fog in Sapa made as kind of depressed. The bus tour was really comfortable, we used a ...
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Vietnam ’15, Part 3: Sapa

Although we wished we’d squeezed in a little more time for Dong Hoi / Phong Nha National Park, we were eager to get on the plane to Hanoi and straight ...
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Vietnam ’15, Part 2: Phong Nha

On our way heading up North, we made a quick stop (2nights) in Dong Hoi to explore Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park after reading all the raves about the Sơn ...
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Vietnam ’15, Part 1: Can Tho

On our second (long) trip to Vietnam we had again planned to visit a couple of different locations. We started with Can Tho because we love the floating market there ...
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