Sweden ’14, Part 2: Nabben – our most relaxing vacation ever!

With fish in our belly and even more in our shopping bags we drove to Ulricehamn to the summer cottage of our friend Henrik’s family. It’s nothing luxurious, but offers the most magnificent view over the water and the exclusivity of being all alone without neighbors and having your own “beach” for skinny dipping ;-). That alone was luxury. They’re currently toring it down and rebuild the whole place so we can hardly wait to see how it becomes.

Needless to say, it was THE most relaxing vacation we’ve ever had. Somehow the water, the trees and wood around had an instant calming effect on us that we immediately felt relaxed upon arriving. We barbecued in the garden and enjoyed our dinner outside while the sun was setting every night (usually around 9 or 10pm). We jumped into the refreshing water first thing in the morning and last thing at the end of the day.  We spent the day lounging around, reading books on the hammock, hiking a little, and eating a tons ;-). Since the cottage was on the other side of the river, going groceries shopping meant hopping on the motor boat and headed to town. Sweden is a very beautiful country, one of the most beautiful in fact, but they are doomed with very long winters and hence very short summers. Even in the middle of summer time, it could still get cold and rainy occasionally so you can’t really depend on it. Fortunately, we were blessed with 28-30°C every single day with very pleasant breezes in the evening. We couldn’t ask for anything more.

“Nabben” the name of the cottage given by its owner


The water pump – crystal clear and cold water you can immediately drink from the dwell (50m deep)
Our favourite place in the shadow


There must have been some heavy rain shortly before we arrived
Job done: poured out the water and cleaned the boat
The fridge from the old days
P in the evening sun
Playing card games on the front porch
Morning yoga
Evening yoga


A look at Nabben out of the boat

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