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Vietnam ’16, part 3: Discover Downtown Saigon

Although this post is called downtown Saigon, it actually starts with some pictures of trip to Gò Công, a village roughly 50km south of Saigon – however more than 2 hours to drive by car. Gò Công was the hometown of P’s grand parents and it’s where they are buried. Some relatives are still living there, in a vast farming area. Actually the whole Mekong delta is a vast farming area, almost every spot is used to grow rice or fruit.

Dark skies in Gò Công
The area behind the house of P’s grand parents
Quick stop on the way back, having some water coconuts – yummy!


The main entrance to the Marie-Curie school in district 3
The backyard of the school

This beautiful French villa just got sold for $35m. Let’s hope the owner keeps it in that shape!

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