Road trip Northern Italy – our very first vacation together

This trip definitely marked our beginning and we weren’t even planning for it. It was a difficult (and very confusing) time for both of us…

I was supposed to go on another vacation with someone else and J was going on this trip alone. I hesitated when he asked me to join him, and I said no. That night I couldn’t sleep. I kept asking myself why I was still being where I was when my heart wanted to be somewhere else. The next day, I packed my suitcase, hopped on the next train and followed him. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I’ve never looked back since.

It was also the first time we spent that much time together. Before that, there were a few dinners and some occasional coffee breaks but nothing longer than a couple hours at once. Surprisingly, things went so smoothly on this trip that we didn’t even notice time fly. There was not a single awkward moment where we had to ask ourselves what we’d been thinking. One evening at dinner on the water front in Garda Lake, we were “forced” to talk about what we could/should/must do and the thought of going back to the lives we’d had brought tears to our eyes (funnily enough, “my heart will go on” was played twice that evening, so cheesy..) . We knew right then and there that we belonged together. The rest is history.


Wanting to avoid the crowd, we opted to stay in Asolo, a village only 45min drive from Venice, which was a very good decision. The villa is small and cosy and it has the most magnificent view over the olive farms and vineyards around.
Villa garden and its view
Our dream home on the hill..
Venezia canal


A gondola on a small channel in Venice
Venezia Gondola
Piazza San Marco, Venice
Next stop on a vineyard close to Lake Garda
Sunset on Lake Garda
The captain …
...and the crew
…and the crew

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