South Africa ’13, Part 5: Augrabies Falls National Park

The name “Augrabies” stems from the word “Aukoerebis”, that’s what the Khoi people called the place. It translates to “great noice” because of the water falls that are fed by the 18km long Orange River gorge, especially during the rainy season. Unfortunately, we were there during the dry season: still some water but not much noice at all….. The falls are 56 meter high. However, they don’t look that high because the water runs down in cascades and not as a big steep fall.

Nevertheless, the landscape is breathtaking, great views and beautiful desert colors at sunset. There are some remarkable spots worth visiting and at the end of the days, it is great to go back to your bungalow and have a great meal at the camp’s restaurant – including our most favorite dessert Malva-cake. But see yourself:

Besides the falls, Augrabies is also known for the black hills. It looks particularly nice in dry season with the the yellow-ish grass in between the dark rocks and hills.

Would be nice to have a carpet at home which is as cozy as the grass here

Orange river gorge
More dry grass

One of the best sunsets during our trip
A very remarkable landmark: a huge solid rock called “Moon rock” or “Whaleback”. The picture only shows a small part of it, it takes quite a while to climb on its top.
Augrabies falls with low water levels
Close-up of the falls at day time…
… and a bit more impressive look at night taken with long exposure

Rock dazzies are all over the place, the always seem to look kind of angry at you

The best thing at the end of a great day !!


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